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Arrow tale →

Just discovered that in Japanese “arrowhead” is 矢尻・矢じり・鏃(やじり), or “arrow tail” (lit. arrow rump/buttocks/arse). Although “arrowhead” can also be referred to as 矢先・矢前・鏃(やさき). Advertisements

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Ladders and rugs

In English, to “kick away the ladder” is usually used when one party has achieved something, then removes the means/opportunities, or changes the rules, to prevent other parties from following suit. The image conjured up is of someone using a ladder to scale … Continue reading

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Approximately precisely

An in-house email today requesting that we update a certain software program read: 「~約19秒程度がかかります。」 I can live with the double “roughly”, even though it wouldn’t be natural in English to say “It will roughly take approximately …”, as this is … Continue reading

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