Mouse Tribe follows in the wake of the Ant Tribe

I was listening to a BBC podcast a couple of days ago about a relatively new sub-culture of people in Beijing (and as it turns out in other large Chinese cities too), which the reporter stated were known as the Mouse Tribe. A quick search for 鼠族 turned up a host of articles/descriptions in Chinese and Japanese.

It turns out there is a related sub-culture called 蚁族, a term that has been around since at least 2009 to refer to the community of low paid university graduates that tend to congregate in certain areas in the larger Chinese cities – there are even specific names given to these groups in each city, e.g.: 京蚁(北京)、沪蚁(上海)、江蚁(武汉)、秦蚁(西安)、穗蚁(广州)!

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